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Hi! My name is Freda Thorpe, a Managing Broker. I moved from the state of Pennsylvania because I just couldn't take one more snow storm. I have been happily living in Florida since 2011. I couldn't have chosen a better place. I am a survivor by nature. I have survived very serious car accidents, illnesses, as well as, I am a 13-year cancer survivor and love life and people. The joy of seeing people find their forever dream home or a temporary resting place in a rental is what I live for. My slogan is that ``I not only do Property and Process, but I do People with excellence. Working for a company that you can trust for its namesake makes me confident in finding just the right home for ANYONE. There is no challenge too big and no problem too small that we won't see it to its completion.
Freda Thorpe
Freda Thorpe
Freda Thorpe
Broker- The Mortgage Project


We do more than Property, Paperwork, Process We do people with excellence

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